How we go about it..

Our Approach

Our customised approach involves the traditional art curriculum while blending it with the child’s individual character and tastes. It is important to introduce art concepts in a manner most appropriate to each child. Every child is born with innate artistic abilities.

There is no right or wrong in art

Each child is on their own path in their artsy universe. Our approach is to connect with the child & explore their world

Play, motion, Sensory perception & imagination are explored at length to establish the most appropriate path where the elements of the art curriculum begin to resonate with the child’s inner world.

The result is Magical and is one of the most beautiful and satisfying moment in an art teacher’s life. New heights in expression are reached effortlessly. The child’s inner mind begins to sing, expression becomes effortless and the work of art is breath taking to watch.

This is an invitation to embark on an amazing journey



Children are usually grouped age wise but depending on the journey the child takes; he/she may hop into a different age group for a particular concept. We take a holistic view instead of being narrowly prescriptive & the child always comes first!


Sensory Explorers : Ages 12m~48m

Children sense darkness & light even before they are born. After birth & as they grow, patterns, contrasts and colours tick their curiosity boxes. Touch is an important sensory input at this age. Textures, tactile feedback and relating to 3 dimensional objects are important for smooth development. A child achieves this through play, music, touch & observation of other children around.

We encourage a child led, tutor assisted exploration to give the child maximum exposure to concepts. This is a process-based class, with a focus on open-ended activities. Please come prepared to get messy!

Explorers are always welcome!

Tiny Tots (12~18m) / Teeny Tots (18~36m) / Junior Tots (36~48m)

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Creative Discoverers : Ages 4~5y

In this class, 4 & 5 year olds will be encouraged to engage, explore, and experiment with a wide variety of art supplies.

We will play with colour mixing, talk about line quality, make prints, craft with nature, sculpt, collage and more, but the focus will be on process over product; children at this age are very process oriented and this class is designed to nurture and encourage their art discovery.

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Masters : Ages 6y ~

We will have a blast thinking and acting like the creative scientists & artists that we already are!!

As a group we will predict outcomes, explore the process of experimentation, and examine results. We study introduce art history, perspective, lighting amongst other concepts.

We also believe that art and mathematics are co-related. Structure, ratios and forms come into play. This still remains a child-led class building on tutor guidance, interests and increasing awareness.

The Masters build on the strong foundations of the previous years classes. Masters bring together many concepts along with imagination in a single piece of art.

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Class Schedule

LocationsBotanical GardensFort Canning ParkRivergate CondoKilliney RoadOpen to Book
Monday8.30am Teeny Tots (18-36m)3.00pm Masters (6y+)

4.00pm Creative Discoverers (4y & 5y)
Tuesday8.30am Tiny Tots (12-18m)4pm - Please let us know your preferred location & age
Wednesday8.30am Teeny Tots (18m-36m)4pm - Please let us know your preferred location & age
Thursday8.30am Tiny Tots (12-18m)3.00pm Masters (6y+)

4.00pm Creative Discoverers (4y & 5y)
Friday8.30am Tiny Tots (12-18m)4.30pm Teeny Tots (18-36m)
Saturday8.30am Teeny Tots (18-36m)3.00pm Masters (6y+)

4.00pm Creative Discoverers (4y & 5y)
Sunday8.30am Tiny Tots (12-18m)4pm - Please let us know your preferred location & age