7 Kids Artwork Ideas You Might Actually Want To Hang in your living room!

#1 Introduce them to Marbling

Shaving Foam Marbling is a favourite hit with kids. Swirls keep them engaged & they are bound to proud of their striking production

#2 Help them turn their old artwork into a collage

Have an Old Art work that has been lying inside a storage box for too long?

Re-Purpose it! Cut it up to make an interesting Collage.

Caution: Results are going to be Eye Catchy

#3 Set their Imagination free

Art needed not be two dimensional. Expression isn’t in a few forms or styles.

Let go of your reins & set your imagination free. Go check out where it takes you

#4 Recreate your favourite artists masterpieces

Pablo Picasso? Or Vincent Van Gogh? Or Kandinsky? Or Mondrian?

Pick your favourite artist and let flow your interpretation of the famous masterpieces

#5 Create Splatter Art

The sheer fun of splatter art can never be properly described.

You never know how a splatter will end up looking like.

Some say that it is open ended art at its best

#6 Oil Paintings can be fun

Oil Paintings are not difficult to master. This subject can be approached in an open manner allowing the child to ease out of their previously formed mis-conceptions of Oil Paintings.

Constructive coaching allows the child to express the inner world with confidence

#7 Play with Negative Spaces

Pivot the thought process and stoke the kid’s imagination.

Negative spaces allows kids to strengthen their spatial awareness

Art is enjoyable. Unearth the Picasso in your child 🙂

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