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What do we do at MY LIL PAWS

Art interacts with children in an atmosphere of Challenge, Inquiry & Respect

Designed with your child in mind

Every child is talented. We connect with that talent in a child and nourish it.
We help children to unfold, find trust in their artistic abilities, make friendship with pencil and brush, to become familiar with different media and techniques.

In other words, become CONFIDENT at art & with THEMSELVES

Art, when expressed freely, helps children:

    • To grow organically
    • Provides an outlet for their energy and ideas
    • Balances their emotions and feelings
    • To build a strong foundation of a young person in the society by developing reflection, expression & self-critique


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How we make art fun

+Learning through play

Kids learn fastest through Play

+Educate through Stories

Story books form a core around which we build our Art

+Variety – Media & Materials

Allows kids to express themselves in different forms

+Child Led

Limitless Imagination surfaces when kids have the freedom to take their own course

+Love and Care

We Encourage, Guide, Observe & Document kid’s activitiesCommunication

Art improves communication and social skills